Judge Schedule

We look forward to welcoming all of you in 4 weeks to our 2021 ISI Spring Classic Competition at the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den in Orlando Florida! Please take a minute to double check the schedule of events that has been posted on our website (THE SCHEDULE IS NOT POSTED ON ENTRYEEZE. PLEASE LET YOUR SKATERS KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT) As with all national events and due to crossover skaters, there are some close event times, but with the rinks side by side, your skaters should be able to make their events without a problem. In addition to that, we will be running the events as close to “on time” as possible. We will not run early unless all competitors have checked in.

Practice ice will be available for purchase from the rink in the near future...please check the ISI website for information over the coming week.

We will need all of you for judging as there will be many panels to fill. The panels are relatively short, usually only around an hour, give or take, so you can work around your skaters’ schedules.

How do I sign up?

Please download and print a Judge Panel Request form. Scan and attach to an email to KHansen@skateisi.org. If you choose to send a direct email without including the form, please include your name, ISI number, rink, certification level and at least 3 panels you would be available to judge. (Please be sure you send PANEL numbers...NOT EVENT numbers- at national competitions we fill panels, not warm up groups). As a reminder, in order to judge, all coaches must have a current professional membership and have either taken a judge certification test after August 1, 2018 or taken and passed the 2018 Update Test.

The deadline to return your judge request form is Wednesday, April 14.

After April 14, the only way to receive a credential would be:

1. Take a minimum of 2 panels as assigned by ISI
2. Pay $30 for a coach credential (see below)

What is a Coach Credential?

If you are not able to judge at this event, but plan to put skaters on the ice, you will need to purchase a coach credential for $30. You can do this by downloading and printing the Paid Coach Credential form and emailing it to KHansen@skateisi.org. by April 14. All coaches must be current professional members of ISI to purchase a Coach Credential.

Don’t forget, you must have a judge or coach credential to put skaters on the ice or access the hospitality room. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We will not be having a formal judge meeting. Information about COVID 19 precautions and procedures can be found on our website. We will be sending you a video link with pertinent event details early in the week of the competition, so watch for that on your email. Credentials will be available for pick up beginning Friday afternoon, April 30 at 2:00pm in the ISI office at the rink and throughout the weekend.

Hotel information is on our website.

Thank you for your support of the event and the participation of your teams and skaters. With your help, this will be a fantastic weekend of skating. See you soon in sunny Orlando!