Judge & Coach Information

Judge Schedule

We look forward to welcoming all of you next month to our 39th Annual World Recreational Team Championships in the St Louis area! Please take a minute to check the schedule of events that has been posted online since June 14th. Because of the complexity of the schedule, we have very little flexibility to make changes. As with all national events, there are some close event times, but both rinks are housed in the same building and therefore should not present much of a problem. In addition to that, we will be running the events as close to "on time" as possible. We will not run early unless all competitors have checked in.

In order to run such a large event, we will need all of you for judging as there are 64 judge panels to fill. The panels are relatively short, usually only around an hour to an hour and a half, give or take, so you can work around your skaters' schedules. When you give 4 panel choices, please make sure that all the choices do not overlap, otherwise they are not actual choices.

How do I sign up?
Please download and print a Judge Schedule Request form. Fax it to the office at 972-725-8815, or simply send an email to KHansen@skateisi.org. If you choose to send an email, please include your name, ISI number, rink, certification level and at least 4 panels you would be available to judge. (Please be sure you send PANEL numbers...NOT EVENT numbers). As a reminder, in order to judge, all coaches must have a current professional membership and have either taken a judge certification test after August 1, 2018 or taken and passed the 2018 Update Test.

The deadline to return your judge request form is Friday July 5.

After July 5, the only way to receive a credential would be:

1. Take a minimum of 2 panels as assigned by ISI
2. Pay $150 for a coach credential (see below)

What is a Coach Credential?
If you are not able to judge at this event, but plan to put skaters on the ice, you will need to purchase a coach credential for $150. You can do this by downloading and printing the Paid Coach Credential form and faxing it to the ISI office by Monday, July 8. All coaches must be current professional members of ISI to purchase a Coach Credential.

Don't forget, you must have a judge or coach credential to put skaters on the ice or access the hospitality room. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All Coaches for this year's ISI World Team Championships are requested to attend the Judge and Coach meeting on Sunday, July 21st at the St Peters Cultural Arts Center, 1 St Peters Centre Blvd, St Pers, MO 63376 (located in the same complex as the rink) at 4:45pm. All credentials will be distributed at this time and we will have a nice cocktail reception immediately following. For any coaches that would like a refresher tutorial on the tablet judging, we will offer that prior to the meeting at 3:45pm

How do I Purchase Practice Ice?
Practice Ice will be available for purchase beginning July 1 It will be sold directly by the rink and we will put the link for this on our website as soon as it is available.

What about items for the Program Book?
Good Luck Ads, Good Sport Awards and Team photos must be submitted by June 26 for publishing in the Program book. All Good Luck Ads and Team photos should be sent to CJackson@skateisi.org. Good Sport Awards should be sent to Sandey@skateisi.org.

MP3 Music

There will be no charge for music (MP3 files) submitted by June 30. If submitted on July 1 or later you will incur a $40 late fee. Fees are due before MP3 files are uploaded into the competition. Skaters will be charged $50 if music is not submitted via MP3, and payment will be due at the event when turning in CDs.

All music must be submitted as an MP3 file and emailed to recplexmusic@gmail.com. All tracks are to be named as follows: Last name First name Event. (For example: Smith Susie FS4.)
All teams should include their full name and event. (For example, Team Shirley Skates Jr Youth Formation Compulsories)
For questions regarding converting and emailing files, please send a message to the email address listed above.
All skaters must bring a back-up CD to the event as well.

Thank you for your support of the event and the participation of your teams and skaters. With your help, this will be a fantastic week of skating.

See you soon!