After completion of the introductory learn-to-skate levels, recreational skaters may progress through any of
the following areas of interest.

The ISI Ice Skating Program Figure Skating program consists of the following test levels:

Freestyle 1-10

Now it’s time to fly high! Beginning with half-rotation jumps and basic spins all the way up to triple jumps and flying spins, your skating skill level will improve at every step.

Open Freestyle Bronze-Platinum

This is the hottest new addition to our testing program and opens up many more opportunities for skaters at all Freestyle levels. It’s great for: USFS skaters who wish to compete in local, district or national ISI events; current ISI skaters who might be stuck between levels but still want to advance while performing new maneuvers; and adult skaters who might not be strong enough on a required maneuver in the traditional Freestyle 1-10 test levels but still want to advance and compete.

Freestyle 1-10

The traditional “school figures” can still be tested and competed in the ISI program. The discipline, concentration and practice necessary to perform the patterns translate into increased balance, control and freedom while performing any jumps and spins in a freestyle routine.

Couple 1-10

The Couple tests incorporate side-by-side Freestyle test maneuvers and are tested by partners.

Pair 1-10

The Pair tests incorporate Freestyle skating along with traditional pair spins and lifts.

Ice Dance 1-10

These traditional set pattern dances can be tested one at a time until the entire dance test level is completed.

Free Dance 1-10

A variety of skating moves are woven into a free dance program at various skill levels

Synchronized Skating 1-4

These new team tests are specifically designed to educate and encourage beginning synchro team skaters in the basics of synchronized skating skills. These tests are not required for any team to participate in any ISI competition event.

Special Skater 1-10

These tests are designed to be smaller steps to learn the basic skill maneuvers in the traditional Pre-Alpha through Delta levels. Special skaters can find satisfaction and confidence in their test level achievements..

All tests must be administered by a current ISI Professional member. The tests must be registered through a current ISI Administrative member facility or club. See the ISI Handbook for additional testing policies and procedures.

If you have already been participating in ISI competitions at the basic skill levels, the variety of events will be expanded once you reach the Freestyle skill levels. You will be ready to try new things as you continue to participate in local exhibitions or ice shows – or by competing in local, district and ISI national competitions. These events are so much fun that many young people and adults alike come back year after year to participate, meet new friends and show off the new skills they’ve learned. Skaters from 2 years old to 82 years young come to our national recreational competition events , and all ISI competition events encourage “participation, not elimination.” Every skater in every event receives a medal or award, and all skaters receive team points to help their rink team’s overall score.

What are you waiting for? Find a rink near you today and sign up for ice skating lessons and lots of fun!