Suggestions for Ice Rink Schedule

 Please note that these are suggestions only as there are no “one-size-fits-all” answers.

 Private Lesson Only Sessions

These can be easily adjusted for a limited number of skaters (10,15, 20) in your facility, according to requirements set forth by state and/or local government. These sessions are easy to manage and can be scheduled earlier in the mornings and mid to late afternoons.

  • Freestyle only sessions – limited to Freestyle skaters and only 2-3-4 coaches per session.
  • Hockey only sessions – limited skaters and only 2-3-4 coaches per session.
  • Skating only sessions – skaters of any age and level and only 2-3-4 coaches per session (still for private lessons only – this would typically be for skaters not on Freestyle sessions but group class skaters who take a private lesson during public sessions).
  • Senior skate only – limited to senior skaters (over age 60) to give them a private time to skate with no other people in the building (similar to what grocery stores are doing for shopping).

Group Class Lessons

Restructure class schedule to have only 2-3 group classes on the ice for each 30-minute time slot and have more back-to-back time slots. For instance, 30-minute class/15-minute change time (to allow skaters to leave and the next group to arrive)/30-minute class/15-minute change time, and so on.

For lower level classes, perhaps draw lines or “lanes” across the rink for each skater to be compliant with social distancing measures. Have lanes end at least 6 feet from each side of the wall so the coach(es) can be in a “safe area” as well. Perhaps higher-level and freestyle classes have 1/3 to 1 /2 ice to allow for social distancing.

Private Ice Rentals

Private session rental for any coach and/or family with 10 or less skaters. Perhaps these sessions are available before or after the sessions mentioned above. Since the number of skaters would be limited, you may want to charge half of your normal private ice rental rate for these sessions.

Public Session/Youth Hockey/Adult Hockey

These sessions may not be part of your initial reopening plan as it may be too difficult to carry out and enforce social distancing measures.

 Things to Think About:

  • If you have multiple rinks, will you alternate groups more and put one group on one rink at a time? Initially, will it be worth it to open up more than one ice sheet?
  • Will you be unable to offer synchronized skating or ice dance because participants cannot be close together?

What are some other questions you have or thoughts you’d like to share? Please send them to We will add them to this document. Also, be sure to join the Ice Sports Industry Administrators Members Facebook Group, where you can openly discuss ideas with fellow members.