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2024 ISI Rule Revisions & Clarifications
Presented by ISI Managing Director Liz Mangelsdorf and  ISI Skating Programs & National Events Director Kim Hansen

This repeating session is offered twice. Choose the day and time that works best for you. 

Sunday, Aug.18 – Register Now 
2 p.m. PT; 3 p.m. MT; 4 p.m. CT; 5 p.m. ET

Tuesday, Aug. 20 – Register Now 
10 a.m. PT; 11 a.m. MT; 12 p.m. CT; 1 p.m. ET

Learn about the latest ISI rule revisions and gain additional insight into the ultimate resource (The ISI Handbook) for learning, teaching, and judging the ISI Ice Skating Program. Time will be allotted for a Q&A session.


Programming Public Sessions
Presented by Kevin McCormack – President, Emerald Sports Management

Wednesday, September 11 – Register Now 
10 a.m. PT; 11 a.m. MT; 12 p.m. CT; 1 p.m. ET

Join Kevin as he discusses the essential role of public sessions in a facility. Public sessions can be an inviting and fun entertainment option for community members if scheduled and managed properly. They also serve as an important feeder program for the arena. Management must emphasize their sessions’ entertainment value, customer service, and safety to compete with other activities in the community. A customer’s experience at a public session may determine whether or not they return to the arena and potentially engage in ice skating or hockey as a lifetime sport. Gain insight into how you can ensure that your public sessions are successful!


Meeting the Regulatory Requirements for your Rink’s Refrigeration System
Presented by Joseph Stith, Director of Training and Compliance Specialist for Clauger

Tuesday, September 17 – Register Now
9 a.m. PT; 10 a.m. MT; 11 a.m. CT; 12 p.m. ET


STEM Field Trips Can Boost Ice Arena Revenue and Skater Participation
Presented by Justin Cirillo, Assistant General Manager at South Suburban Parks and Recreation, Colorado

Wednesday, October 2 – Register Now 
9 a.m. PT; 10 a.m. MT; 11 a.m. CT; 12 p.m. ET

If you haven’t already considered offering a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field trip program at your facility, think again. This educational and fun program can be promoted to schools and potentially increase revenue and skater participation at your arena for years to come.