Referee Certification Test

Referees are vitally important to the success and integrity of the ISI and its events, a certification test has been created to gauge prospective referees’ knowledge of the ISI competition standards and to determine if they are qualified for the position.

A coach who wishes to take the referee test should meet the following criteria:

    • Be a current ISI Professional member.
    • Be a gold-certified ISI judge with a current update test passed, if applicable.
    • Have been using the ISI program (testing skaters and registering skaters in local competitions) for no less than two years.

Qualified persons may submit their application here. Each applicant will be required to list a reference who must be an ISI Professional member vouching for the applicant’s status (for example, applicant’s skating director, competition director or rink manager)

Once the information is verified and approved by the ISI national office, a link will be emailed to purchase and take the test. The fee for the test is $25.

The test uses a multiple choice question format, with questions based on the application and interpretation of rules and practical judge panel scenarios. There are 2 separate questions that each use a video which requires acting as a panel referee, performing actual event judging and penalty evaluation. There are 62 total questions. A passing score is 50.

Referee Certification Test Application

A person wanting to take the Referee Certification Test should meet the following criteria

  • Be a current ISI Professional member
  • Be a gold-certified ISI judge (having passed the current update date test when applicable)
  • Using the ISI program on a regular basis for no less than 2 years (ie. registering ISI tests, entering skaters in ISI events.)
  • Referred by an ISI Professional Member (Certified Referee Preferred)

Referee Certification Test Application

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