1. Competition events are open to any Individual or Professional Members of ISI, from Tots to Adults, whose membership is current up to and including the date of the competition.

2. All competitors must compete at their highest test level passed and comply with all equivalency chart levels. All tests must be registered with the ISI national office at least 30 days prior to the competition date. The time period of 30 days may vary for some local and district events as well as for ISI national events.

3. All competitors must represent a current ISI Administrative member facility, club or skating school. It is permissible for skaters to represent one member facility for solo/partner events and a different member facility for group/team events.

4. Skaters in Pre Alpha – Delta may not compete in Figure 1, Freestyle 1, Bronze Freestyle, Free Dance 1, Couple 1, Pair 1 or Bronze Pair.

If the skater has passed one of the following: Freestyle 1, Bronze Freestyle, Free Dance 1, Figure 1, Couple 1, Pair 1, then the skater may no longer compete in Delta level events.

5. Any skater wishing to compete in Artistic, Footwork, Interpretive, Spotlight, etc. is still required to pass and register a test level (i.e. Pre-Alpha – Delta, traditional Freestyle, or Open Freestyle) to determine the level for those event entries.

If the Open Freestyle tests are passed based on the skater’s current USFS test level, the Pre-Alpha – Delta and traditional Freestyle tests are not required.

6. Any skater wishing to compete in a Footwork event is required to pass and register a test level (traditional Freestyle, Open Freestyle or Dance) to determine the level for his/her Footwork entry.

7. Members of other organizations are eligible and welcome to compete in ISI competitions as long as they are Individual or Professional members of ISI and have all their ISI tests passed and registered with the ISI national office. (USFS skaters should refer to the ISI/USFS Joint Statement of Recognition in this book) A USFS skater must also be a current ISI member and register ISI tests up to and including the equivalent chart test level below for traditional Freestyle events or follow the Open Freestyle chart equivalents. The tests listed below are based on the USFS Free Skate test. USFS Skating Skills test level has no bearing on any ISI Freestyle test level.

For requirements of the minimum ISI test level on which USFS skaters must compete, see the chart below:

(For additional equivalency charts in other disciplines please refer to the ISI Handbook) *PLEASE note this chart has been updated. U.S. Figure Skating changed their test names as of July 1, 2023 

USFS skater who has passed May compete in ISI no lower than***
Pre-Preliminary Singles Freestyle 3/Open Bronze
Preliminary Singles Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Pre-Bronze Singles Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Bronze Singles Freestyle 6/Open Gold
Pre-Silver Singles Freestyle 6/Open Gold
Silver Singles Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Pre-Gold Singles Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Gold Singles Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Adult Pre-Bronze Freestyle 2/Open Bronze
Adult Bronze Freestyle 3/Open Bronze
Adult Silver Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Adult Gold Freestyle 5/Open Silver
USFS skater who has passed the entire Pattern Dance Test below: May compete in ISI no lower than:
Preliminary Dance Ice Dance 3
Pre-Bronze Dance Ice Dance 4
Bronze Dance Ice Dance 5
Pre-Silver Dance Ice Dance 6
Silver Dance Ice Dance 7
Pre-Gold Dance Ice Dance 9
Gold Dance Ice Dance 10

8. Skaters are expected to compete at their true ability level and to uphold high ethical standards. Skaters may not “skate up” one level for ISI competition events. All skaters must pass the test level for the event level in which they will compete (except in Team Compulsories and Jump and Spin events where a skater may “skate up” to their team or partner’s level).

9. Females and males are separated in most technical events, but may be combined in Artistic, Dance, Figures, Footwork, Interpretive, Jump & Spin, Rhythmic, Solo Compulsories, Spotlight, Stroking, Surprise and team events.

10. All ISI competitions use the first day of the competition as the age cut-off date for grouping individual skaters and the previous July 1 of the current competition season (July 1 – June 30) for synchronized team events.  Synchronized teams competing in the ISI World Recreational Team Championships event remain “legal” from July 1 of the previous year.

11. As a reward for their achievement, all skaters who have passed any level 9 or 10 test in Freestyle, Couple, Pair, Dance, Free Dance or Figures are entitled to one complimentary first event entry at each ISI national competition.

12. Vocal music is permitted for all ISI competition events.

13. There is no penalty for skating under any prescribed program duration time.

Joint Statement of Cooperation

(June 29, 2004)

U.S. Figure Skating, the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) recognize and support each other’s role in the development of figure and recreational skating in the United States.

Read full Joint Statement of Cooperation