ISI Southwest Championships

January 8-10, 2021
Ice at the Parks in Arlington, TX.
2020 ISI Southwest Championships Covid-19 Precautions

2020 ISI Southwest Championships Covid-19 Precautions

There will be a dedicated entrance into the rink from the mall area and a dedicated exit.

The rink area is defined by that space covered in green flooring.

Upon entering the rink area there will be a large sign asking if the person entering has had any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or an exposure to anyone that has. By entering the rink area, that person will be confirming that they have not.

All skaters, parents, volunteers and coaches must wear masks- skaters may remove their mask for warm-up and for their event.

There will be brown lunch bags available near the ice entrance that the skater may use to put their masks in and hand to their coaches to hold. Skaters must replace their masks once they exit the ice.

There will be a separate ice entrance and exit.

Music will be accepted on CD’s.

There will be 4 locker rooms.  One will be a Male Dressing Room and one will be a Female Dressing Room.  These rooms are for changing costumes only.  No cell phones or skates will be allowed in them.  The doors will remain closed.  We ask all skaters using those rooms to move in and out quickly.  There will also be two “open rooms” for skaters to put on skates if they would like.  The doors to those rooms will remain open at all times.  If a room is full, skaters may also use the main lobby area to put on skates.

6-Foot social distancing is required between family units while spectating. There are no limits on the number of spectators permitted per skater.

If a skater does not have an event within the hour, they and their chaperones are asked to exit the rink area (green flooring).  There will be plenty of space outside of the rink area both on the ground floor and up on the food court mezzanine to continue to view the events on ice. The scoreboard will have the current event number…that can be viewed from the mall area as well.

Judges will sit 6 feet apart while on the judge stand and will be required to wear a mask.

All props used must be sized such that they can be handled by the skater(s) without parent or coach help.