2023 ISI Winter Classic 

Huntsville Ice Sports Center
Hunstville, AL 
February 17-19, 2023
Test and Entry Deadline December 15, 2022

Music Instructions

Music should be submitted in an mp3 or mp4 format no later than January 30, 2023.  
It should be emailed to hssta@icesportscenter.com. When sending in your music, the subject line of the email should be Music for ISI Winter Classic 2023. 
All music must be labeled with the skater’s name ( First & Last), Level, Event Name and Rink. ( e.g. Jane Smith_Delta_Freestyle_ABC Ice Rink  or James Smith_Open Bronze_Spotlight Lt Ent_Cool Ice Rink)
Any late music or music upload changes will be subject to a fee of $20, no exceptions.
Competitors must have available a backup copy either on a CD or on a cell phone and it must be immediately available rink side when the skater competes. If the phone does not have the standard round headset connector an appropriate adapter such as Apple Lightning connector or Samsung USB-C adapter is required to be attached. The phone should be presented to the music person with the file ready to play, phone in airplane mode, screen unlocked and volume turned to maximum.