Calling All Coaches!

Judge Schedule

We look forward to welcoming all of you in 5 1/2 weeks to our 2019 Winter Classic competition in El Segundo, CA. Once again, the response to this event was excellent ....mostly in terms of the number of individual skaters and team participants.

Please note: Entryeeze is closed will not find a schedule there. Do not attempt to approve or unapproved events through that link. After Wednesday 1/16 any changes that are requested will have a $25 change fee unless the reason for the change is a mistake by ISI. All requests for changes must be made to

Since this will obviously be a tight schedule and we will need to run as efficiently as possible. Part of that challenge is to make sure that all 52 judge panels are filled and that everyone is comfortable with their assignments. We will not be having a formal judge meeting simply due to the schedule. Therefore it is important that everyone take a minute to check the schedule of events that has been posted online since last Friday and to select the judging panels you prefer to have assigned to you by referring to the Judge Schedule Request form. Once you have done that, please fax it to the office at 972-735-8815, or simply send an email to . If you choose to send an email, please include your name, ISI number, rink, certification level and at least 5 panels you would be available to judge. You will not be assigned 5 panels. The reason for five options is that often, the selections given overlap the same times and are not real options. Please find different "time blocks" so that we may actually use you on more than one panel. Don't forget, you must have a judge/coach credential to put skaters on the ice or access the hospitality room.

All judge request forms must be turned in by Thursday, January 31.

After that date, the only ways to receive a credential would be:

1. Take a minimum of 2 panels as assigned by ISI
2. Pay $75 for a coach credential ( see below)

If you are a current professional member of ISI but are not able to judge at this event and plan to put skaters on the ice, you will need to purchase a coach credential for $75. The Paid Coach Credential form must be received in the ISI office by Thursday, January 31.

Credentials can be picked up starting Friday, February 22 at 3:00pm at the ISI office at the Toyota Sports Center.

Practice Ice will be sold directly by the Toyota Sports Center and information regarding that will be available sometime next week.

Thank you for your support of the event and the participation of your teams and skaters. With your help, this will be a busy and exciting weekend of skating.

See you soon in beautiful Southern California!