Hockey Membership

The ISI Recreational Hockey Program was designed by arena owners for arena operators and their participants. Accordingly, the program allows arena owners and program directors the freedom and flexibility to tailor it to suit their specific needs, while also enjoying the benefits and protection of a nationally sponsored program. The goals of the ISI Recreational Hockey Program are to:

  • Stimulate interest at the entry level
  • Develop the basic skills needed to enjoy the sport
  • Provide a safe and positive playing environment and an enjoyable, fun, rewarding experience
  • Generate increased interest and on going participation by all ages and ability levels.

Individual Hockey Membership Registration (Pro-Rated 3/1 – 8/31)

Hockey Team Registration Info for Arena Members

 Hockey Registration Process
Is Easy as 1-2-3! 

ISI Administrative members (facilities or leagues can now register their hockey teams without having to register players individually. Players will receive the same insurance coverage and benefits as ISI individual hockey members.

This new process not only makes registering teams a breeze but also provides tremendous cost savings. Based on the number of teams in your league(s), your registration costs could be as low $275 for a youth team and $375 for an adult team ($18 or $25 per player respectively). Print out the flyer!

The process:
1. Fill out the Hockey Team Registration form
2. Fill out either the Hockey Team Bulk Registration form or the regular Hockey Team Registration list
3. Send to the ISI either by fax 972-735-8815 or email

We have included a Waiver that all players need to sign. You do not send them to the ISI, but must keep them on file at your office. We also have created a sample Incident Report if needed including the claim procedures.

Hockey Team Price Chart

Adult Teams Cost per Team Average Cost per player 
All $390 $26


Youth Teams Cost per Team Average Cost per player 
All $270 $18