What is a Professional Membership

ISI Professional Membership

Professional membership ensures that ISI coaches have successfully passed a background check. Continuing education is provided to current members so that they remain current on ISI skating requirements and passing standards. ISI’s diverse competition event categories allow coaches to broaden their creativity when working with skaters eager to compete in ISI events.

Who Can Be an ISI Professional Member?

Individuals 18 years or older who derive income from performing, teaching, or coaching ice skating or ice hockey.

  • Skating Instructor/Coach
  • Hockey Instructor/Coach
  • Skating Director
  • Hockey Director

An annual background check is required for ALL professionals. This background check does not include a search of your credit history.

Background checks are run through Protect Youth Sports and the following information is checked: 

• SSN Verification and Address History
• National Criminal Database Search
• National Sex Offender Search
• Re-verification of criminal records
• Alias Names 

Professional Membership & General Liability Registration Information

To maintain coverage, all current ISI Professional membership and general liability insurance* must be renewed by Sept. 1.

ISI’s general liability insurance benefits are the BEST in the industry — offering more coverage at a lower price — plus, ISI policies continue to meet coach compliance requirements for U.S. Figure Skating, with coverage provided July 1 through Aug. 31 of the following year.

*Must have current ISI Professional Membership to purchase General Liability Insurance. 

Your professional membership is pending until a background check has been cleared. Annual background checks are required for ALL professionals. Please note that this background check does not include a search on your credit history.

Background checks are run through Protect Youth Sports and the following information is checked: 

• SSN Verification and Address History
• National Criminal Database Search
• National Sex Offender Search
• Re-verification of criminal records
• Alias Names 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long until I receive my Certificate of Insurance?
Membership and insurance are not instantaneous — if all the information is submitted at one time, it can take up to 3 business days to be finalized. Once your application is processed and compliant, you will receive an email, with your insurance certificate attached, from the ISI office. (It will not be found on your personal dashboard at this time.)

If I did a background check for U.S. Figure Skating, do I have to do one for ISI?
Yes. Each organization requires its own background check; this protects your privacy.

If I have a current SafeSport Trained Certificate through U.S. Figure Skating or USA Hockey, can I submit that?

If I purchase membership and insurance through ISI, does that make me compliant (green light) with U.S. Figure Skating?
Yes for the insurance portion of their requirements, but when registering for or renewing your ISI Professional membership, you must check the box (in the ISI cart) that reads: “send to U.S. Figure Skating.” We regularly email U.S. Figure Skating a list of all ISI members who are paid and compliant.

How can I access my membership account on the ISI dashboard?

  1. Visit members.skateisi.org.
  2. Enter your Login, which is your ISI number.
  3. Enter your Password, which is your ISI number plus the first 3 letters of your last name (with first letter capitalized).

Login: 556678
Default Password*  556678Thi
*After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to create a unique password.

Professional Member Benefits

We are continuously finding ways to make ISI membership more beneficial and strive to make coaching in the ISI program straightforward and free of hindrances, so coaches can focus their efforts on their students. ISI provides the necessary tools and support to run your coaching business efficiently and successfully — year after year.

Your membership includes the following great benefits:

  • Right to use all ISI recreational skating and hockey programs.
  • Consistent email communication, including targeted newsletters (Coach Connection, On the Flip Side and more).
  • ISI EDGE digital trade magazine for ice arena professionals.
  • Recreational Ice Skating (RIS) magazine, created for skater members and their families (coaches too!). Two publications annually delivered to ISI arenas using the ISI Ice Skating Program.
  • Recreational Ice Skating Online
  • Reduced registration fee for ISI Connect educational events.
  • Reduced registration fees for courses through ISI University, the leading management training and certification program for ice arena industry leaders.
  • ISI members-only Resource Library, chock-full of informative and educational documents and videos.
  • Online access to the ISI Directory of ice arenas, builders/suppliers and associates and retailers.
  • Instructor training and education seminars (in person and virtually), including a free annual seminar held in each ISI district.
  • ISI provides numerous platforms (online and in person) where coaches can connect and share ideas.
  • Coaches are part of a district within the ISI governance. District directors provide additional support and communication via district emails, websites and social media platforms.
  • ISI field representatives play a key role in keeping coaches informed of news in their districts.
  • Assistance from ISI’s knowledgeable staff, ready to provide information, resources, or referrals on all aspects of the ice skating industry.

If you need the current 2023-2024 term expiring 8/31/2024 email Jeff@skateisi.org

Register for the 2024-2025 term ISI Professional Membership Valid 7/1/2024 – 8/31/2025

A Three-Step Process

Complete ALL 3 Steps at the same time!

*We have A LOT of coaches NOT performing Step 2 (background check). You will not be approved for membership and/or insurance until this is complete. 

1. Professional Membership (must be age 18+) – Whether applying for the Professional Membership & Liability Insurance or just the Professional Membership we require BOTH the completed Background Check and the current SafeSport training certificate before we can activate your membership.
Apply for Professional Membership & Liability Insurance
– ($195)
Apply for Professional Membership
– ($95)

2. Background Check – Each organization requires its own Background Check. We understand this means you may need to complete multiple background checks but this is to protect your privacy. There is no additional charge for the ISI Background Check. *Your background check is NOT run until the ISI receives payment for the membership. 
Submit Background Check (included)

3. SafeSport Certification –  SafeSport® Trained or Refresher Course Certificates expire every 2 years. There is a place on our online registration form to upload your most current certificate document from your computer.

If are a new member you will need to complete and submit your certificate for the SafeSport® Trained course before your ISI Professional membership is considered valid. If it has been over 2 years since your last certification course, you will need to take the next Refresher course and submit your certificate before your ISI Professional membership is considered valid.

Click here for more Detailed Instructions on taking SafeSport training courses.

New Learners – Take SafeSport training

Returning Learners –  Sign in to SafeSporttrained.org 

Liability Coverage Summary

Professional Members –

General Liability and Accident Policy

Who is protected?

Current ISI Professional member coaches who have applied for ISI Professional Liability insurance coverage and paid the appropriate fee.

Additional Insured: Coverage as an “Additional Insured” may also be afforded to skating facilities owned by cities, municipalities, school districts or private parties. Coverage for Additional Insured’s must be requested.

Covered Activities: Instruction of figure skating/hockey skating and related instruction, such as; conditioning, ballet, harness training, and in-line skating.

Commercial General Liability

Limits of Liability              $1,000,000           Per Occurrence

$5,000,000                        General Aggregate (Per Instructor)

$1,000,000                         Personal and Advertising

$1,000,000                         Products Completed Operations Aggregate

$300,000                            Fire Damage

$ Excluded                          Medical Payments

$500,000                            Per Occurrence Sexual Abuse

$1,000,000                        Sexual Abuse Aggregate (Per Instructor)

$1,000,000                        Instructors-Professional Occurrence

$1,000,000                        Instructors-Professional Aggregate

Coverage: Accident Insurance

Maximum Amounts: $25,000 Accident Medical Expense Benefit, (Excess basis)

  • $1,000 Deductible amount per accident
  • $250 Dental Limit per tooth per accident
  • $10,000 Accident Death & Dismemberment Benefit
  • $100,000 AD&D, Aggregate Limit per Accident

*** Note – Coverage excludes all commutation/travel to and from.

Concussion Resources for Coaches

Download as a PDF 


“A Coach’s Complete Guide to Concussions: How Coaches Can Keep Players Safe from the Effects of Concussion”

“How to Bring Concussion Protocol to Your Team”

Concussion Infographics & Fact Sheets

A Fact Sheet for High School Coaches

Concussion Quick Check Guide

Free Online Concussion Training/Certification

Youth Sports Concussion Safety Center for Coaches, Athletic Trainers & Parents

Tools For Your Athletes/Parents

Post-Concussion Syndrome

A Complete Guide to Post-Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Management: Neck Dysfunction

Could Neck Injury be the Culprit in Post-Concussion Symptoms and the Development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy?

Cervicogenic Post Concussion Disorder: A Pain in the Neck


Books for Coaches/Parents/Athletes

Other Resources


Brain Injury Association of America


Concussion Legacy Foundation

International Concussion Society

Mayo Clinic

United States Brain Injury Alliance


For International Professional membership, please request the link by emailing Jeff@skateisi.org. Please include your country of residence.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jeff Anderson - Operations Director