NEW ISI University Online Certification

The ISI University (ISIU) program is undergoing a significant restructuring as we move our certification tracks to an online learning management system.

Our goal has been to create an experience that is easy, engaging and enjoyable, paving the way for participants to achieve their education goals with ease.

The intuitive platform delivers comprehensive, appealing content that is dynamic or adaptive, offering a customized experience for each user, and provides automated feedback, ensuring participants are actively involved in their learning journey.

We are excited to launch – ISI University – Certified Skating Director – see details below

Coming Soon!

General Education Requirements (GER) We have taken eight courses from the existing certification tracks and created a standard core block of classes. These topics apply to all aspects of our industry and complement any of the University tracks.

The GER track is an essential addition to your education and goes hand in hand with the each of the three tracks.  Completion of the GER track is required and will give you the full designation in any of the three tracks. 

Certificate of Arena Management (CAM) This track will prepare ice arena managers for the broad array of challenges they’ll encounter throughout their careers. Upon completing the CAM course, you will have the skills to create a loyal workforce, manage time, increase productivity and profits, enhance customer service, minimize risk, effectively market your arena, and maximize business.

Certificate of Arena Operations (CAO) This track will focus on the physical operation of an ice arena and benefit operations managers, building supervisors, assistant managers, and general managers alike. We’ve hand-picked the best combination of classes to give you the essential skills you need to keep your arena safe and comply with regulations and building codes. CAO classes will also update you on the technology and maintenance skills required to maintain an operational and efficient ice arena.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Liz Mangelsdorf - ISI Managing Director