ISI District Seminars

FREE educational seminars are offered each year in ISI districts across the country for current ISI Professional members and arena staff.

At the Instructor seminars, skating instructors and skating directors discuss the latest in teaching techniques and share helpful hints and tips. Instructors will learn about new ISI programs and the up-to-date rule revisions for testing and competition events. Some seminars also offer the chance to participate in video judging exercises along with numerous other topics. These seminars are essential in the continuing education and advancement of your coaching career.

Some districts also incorporate the ISI National Instructor Training certification into their seminar schedule, allowing coaches to maximize their educational opportunities (a separate registration fee is required).

At the Management seminars, arena managers and staff members review the latest information regarding management issues and practices, arena program planning, promotion and delivery as well as facility and equipment maintenance/operations. The seminars include knowledgeable guest speakers in addition to open and interactive discussions among attendees. In all cases, staff members leave having learned or gained something from the time invested.

ISI Free District Seminars Planned

For more details or if your district seminar is not listed below, please check back for updates or contact your ISI District Director.

District 12

Instructor Seminar
Date: April 27, 2024
Location: South Suburban Sports Complex РCentennial, CO 
Guest Speaker: Damon Allen
Host: Debbie Lane

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5 PSA educational credits are available

If you have any additional questions, please contact Liz Mangelsdorf - ISI Managing Director