Pre-Order the new 2024 ISI Handbook

We are now taking orders for the NEW 2024 edition of the ISI Handbook, which will be ready for shipping the first part of July.

Pre-purchase handbooks online 

A special bulk rate discount is available through June 30. When you purchase 6 or more, you receive $5 off each handbook. (That’s just $25 each, plus a $6 standard shipping fee.)

Download PDF to order in bulk on your administrative member acccount

Note: Coaches can also pre-order one handbook for $30 (plus a $6 standard shipping fee).

The ISI Handbook is the only comprehensive source for:

  • ISI test level requirements
  • ISI Ice Skating Program information
  • Competition events and performance rules
  • Judging (including Penalty Reference Chart and Quick Reference Chart for Duration)
  • Increasing your earning potential

The new 2024 rules go into effect September 1, 2024

If you still need the 2022 edition of the ISI Handbook, it is available. 

The cost is $30 + $6 flat rate shipping – please email for the order link. 

The 2022 Handbook rules are in effect through August 31, 2024.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Liz Mangelsdorf - ISI Managing Director