Membership is required for all test registrations.

Download Test Forms here

How to Register ISI Tests

ISI provides two user-friendly ways to register tests.

Excel spreadsheet

Request a customized spreadsheet from the ISI Membership Department. This is the easiest way for you to submit tests and memberships via email or fax.

Use ISI's convenient Group Testing Evaluation Form.

GTEF forms are available in tablet form from the ISI Orders Department. To register tests using the GTEF, you must supply ISI headquarters with the address and date of birth of each skater.

Video Testing Guidelines

If the in-person District Testing Program is not available in your area, the video - along with a completed High Test Application form - may be submitted to the ISI office for judging. If you are unsure of your District having a District Testing Program, contact Kim Hansen at

The video must be unedited and use a single camera. The video must show every required compulsory maneuver attempted two times each performed in the same order as listed in the current ISI Handbook and then followed by the non-stop program. The required dance step turns must be shown two times in isolation (by themselves) before completing the entire dance step sequence two times during the compulsory portion of the test.

Please refer to the current ISI Handbook for a complete list of procedures for Video Testing. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact Kim Hansen - ISI Skating Programs and National Events Director